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How to Overcome Bunions Without Surgery

Bunions are bone protrusions that form at the base of the big toe joint. Bunions can be caused by a variety of things, ranging from heredity, using narrow-sized shoes and high heels too often, to rheumatoid arthritis. Bunions can change the structure of the leg bones, while causing pain and swelling. Bunions need to be handled appropriately, because the pain can cause discomfort and even make it difficult to walk. How to Overcome Bunions To overcome the symptoms of pain or swelling in the bunions, there are various things you can do, namely: 1. Using shoes that fit and are comfortable To minimize pressure and pain, use shoes that are fit and comfortable. Choose shoes with a wide front end with soft soles, and avoid using high heels so the bunions don't get worse. 2. Wearing padding or padding on shoes Using pads made of silicone or gel when using shoes can be a way to reduce pain due to bunions. However, make sure the pads used are fit and comfortable. If the size of the
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Understanding Hypomania and its Symptoms

Hypomania is a mood disorder that can make a person more active and more enthusiastic than usual, but then suddenly moody as if depressed. Hypomania is often associated with psychiatric problems, namely bipolar disorder. In general, hypomania can be characterized by lack of sleep, but still feels energized and energized, and is more active than usual, for several days. The most common symptom of hypomania is caused by bipolar disorder Recognize the Symptoms of Hypomania Someone who suffers from bipolar disorder, especially bipolar disorder type 2, generally feel the symptoms of hypomania. The symptoms of hypomania last for several days or at least for 4 days. Patients usually do not realize that they have hypomania, but this condition is recognized by those around them. Symptoms of hypomania are characterized by the following behavior: 1. More energy When experiencing hypomania, the body will feel so energized, even though the night before sleep deprived or not sleep at all,

Perform Treatment of Ulcers on the Face to Complete

Ulcers on the face appear when hair follicles or oil glands on the face are infected with bacteria. It can be characterized by the appearance of red bumps on the inflamed and pus-filled skin. Bacterial infection of Staphylococcus aureus on the skin can cause ulcers on the face. Although some boils can heal on their own, proper treatment is needed so that the bacteria that causes ulcers does not infect deeper skin tissue and cause more severe infections. Dealing with boils on the face The appearance of boils on the face is annoying and can interfere with appearance. To overcome it yourself at home, you can try several ways below: Compress with warm water One easy and safe way to deal with boils on the face is to compress it with warm water. Compress boils for 10-20 minutes, 3-4 times a day. Exposure to heat generated will increase blood circulation around ulcers. This will facilitate the delivery of white blood cells to the area to fight the bacteria that cause skin infe